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Stoke-Sub-Hamdon & District  Angling Association
RULES FOR CONTESTS 1. Competitors must enter their names to the Match Secretary by Friday 7pm previous to match, or to Tackle UK, Forest Hill, Yeovil by Saturday 12pm. 2. Swims will be pegged before fishing and will be drawn for prior to start. 3. No competitor shall break water with line or groundbait until signal to commence, except to plummet depth. 4. Fishing to cease at signal, but competitors are allowed 15 minutes after end of match to land a fish hooked before final whistle. 5. No competitor shall interfere with or obstruct another competitor during the contest. 6. Keepnets of approved pattern to be used. 8ft x 15” minimum. 7. All fish to be weighed alive and to be returned to the water.
8. All fish shall count BAR TROUT AND PIKE. 9. Competitors transferring swims shall automatically be disqualified. 10. Any dispute regarding swims shall be decided by competitors fishing adjacent swims. If in doubt see nearest Committee member. 11. Competitors must fish within 3 yards of peg allocated. 12. Any competitor using more than one rod or hook at any time shall be disqualified. 13. Any dispute arising shall be referred to Committee whose decision shall be final. 14. No competitor shall be weighed-in with litter at his peg.
15. Any competitor caught cheating will be barred from the Association. 16. Current Club Card to be produced by each competitor at draw for pegs at each Club Contest. 17. Weed Cutters and Drags may only be used after the whistle, and for the first two hours of the match only. NOTES FOR CONTESTS 1. Contests are in general fished to NFA Rules. 2. If any competition is in doubt due to prevailing conditions, full up-to- date information may be obtained from the Secretary. AT AWAY VENUES FISHERY RULES APPLY LIABILITY – Members fish at own risk.